Thursday, April 2, 2009

No Life on Mars

Who would have thought that the delightful Gretchen Mol is sexier as a brunette than she is as a blond? But there it is.

Last night’s finale of the prematurely terminated series Life on Mars was a real zinger. Suddenly, the series’ title began to make a little more sense in that the show was provided a rather loose connection to the red planet. But, hey, an honorable mention is better than no mention at all.

Still, the show was neither about life on Mars or living on Mars, so a more accurate title would have been Life on the Way to Mars While in a Defective State of Stasis. But that would have given away the ending. Besides, it’s too long to fit inside one of those little rectangular boxes used for the TV program listings.

Time will tell if Life on Mars’ replacement is worthy. If it isn’t, I’ll go back to watching Medium, which appears in the same time slot. Oh, yeah, and I’ll be watching for LoM to show up in syndication; I missed the first few episodes due to a previous engagement with Ms. Arquette.


  1. I love both Arquette and Mol. What a shame that "Life On Mars" has been discontinued. That happened with "A Family Guy," too, but viewers made such a big stink, they brought it back, and the rest, as they say, is history. A sweet adieu to "Life On Mars."

  2. Hi, Patty,

    Early cancellation seems to be an affliction common to many of my favorite shows. Key West, which was probably the smartest, funniest comedic series ever to hit the airwaves (and which co-starred your friend, Jennifer Tilly, as a good-hearted, philosophical hooker) met an early demise, as did Dead Like Me. These shows rank #1 and #2 among my all-time favorites. Anyway, Patty, thanks for stopping by; your comment is much appreciated.