Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Here’s a tip for anyone contemplating suicide by drain cleaner. If you’re really serious about getting the job done, don’t smear it on your face; drink it. All of it. Then shoot yourself.

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  1. I have the distinct sensation I shouldn't be asking about this one. You mean, there's more than one contender for this year's Darwin Awards?

    Well, at least Drano beats attempted suicide by plunger...;-)

  2. Lots of contenders for this year's Darwin Awards--if you count Republicans. Google "Bethany Storro" to read the whole sordid story.

    Damn! What was this girl thinking?

  3. There's also a racial angle here. The perpetrator (who appears awfully damned white to me) of the hoax blamed the "attack" on a black woman. Reminds me of other such hoaxes in the past (such as Susan Smith who killed her kids and claimed an anonymous black man had kidnapped them).

  4. You're right, Don, the perpetrator is white, but investigators concluded that Storro's description of a black attacker was not racially motivated, and that the whole affair resulted from the workings of a very disturbed mind. Too bad; she was quite attractive in her former life.