Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fear of Flying

“The Portland Air National Guard confirms that two F-15 fighter jets "scrambled" the Hawaiian Airlines flight in mid-flight. This means that they met it and escorted it back to PDX. The contact took place at about 1 pm.” —from a report filed by Joel Iwanaga, KOIN-TV Local 6 News

Okay, I can almost understand why the captain of Hawaiian Air Flight 39 reversed course and headed back to Portland. What I don’t understand is why (aside from Oregon Air National Guard pilots needing seat time) it was necessary for the Air National Guard to intercept Flight 39 and escort it back to Portland. Was Flight 39’s pilot lost? Was he too fuckin’ stupid to find his way back to Portland? And what, exactly, were the fighter pilots going to do if Flight 39 didn’t comply, shoot it down?

Seems to me that the people tasked with keeping the rest of us safe from the boogey man and other scary things have got their panties in a twist over nothing—again.

Be afraid, people. Be very afraid. The powers that be love it when you’re so paralyzed by fear that you can’t even think straight. It gives them cover to carry out their real agenda.

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