Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Coming up Short

The Trump Administration, in its entirety, is proof positive that the Peter Principle is the real deal; not one of Trump's Cabinet-level appointees has the knowledge, the experience or the dedication and commitment needed to effectively lead the department that he or she was appointed to run. The same can be said for all of his other appointees, as well.

When Trump promised to drain the swamp (quite likely the only promise he ever kept), he didn't make clear his intention to drain it directly into his administration. However, that's exactly what happened, and as a consequence the government of we, the people, is in grave and imminent danger of becoming a government of they, the corporations.

When corporations are given license to operate free of regulations and restrictions, it's only a matter of timeand not a very long timeuntil entire ecosystems collapse; many are already on the brink. Only a short time remains before irreversible tipping points begin their fatal plunge; this is the amount of time we have remaining in which to save ourselves. The longer we delay, the less certain survival of the humanand otherspecies becomes.

What global leadersand global citizens, as wellneed to understand is that humanity is on a collision course with extinction. Every day we delay in taking the necessary actions to avoid this fate brings us one day closer to the end of everything.