Sunday, May 26, 2013

Daze of Our Lives

Among the many things that block human progress are politics, religion, economics, corrupt government infested with corporate insiders, and a profound lack of critical thought at all levels of society. Thus it has always been, and thus it will always be. The dumbfuckery just never seems to stop.

Too many of our nation’s leaders are greedy opportunists voted into office by people of questionable intelligence. We’re a nation in gridlock because imbeciles and “morans,”  who know exactly what they want but are totally clueless about what they need, would rather be led by self-aggrandizing dolts and liars than by intelligent, principled visionaries whose main concerns are to serve society’s immediate and long-term interests. The efforts of our too few principled leaders are perpetually thwarted by our too many leaders who, devoid of principle, obfuscate and obstruct in service to a corporate agenda.

A little more than a decade into the 21st century, the 20th-century way of doing things no longer works for most people. Call it one of the undesirable side-effects of overpopulation meeting resource limits. When you have a large population clamoring for prosperity for everyone, what you get is environmental disaster and ecological collapse quickly followed by economic collapse. It's time for people to wake up and recognize "economic growth" for the bullshit it is. Population growth, too. We’ve already exceeded the limit on both.

Too many people doing too many destructive things take unsustainable tolls on environment and resources. Nothing about the way we’ve structured our society (and all of the systems that support it) is sustainable. If we are to create a progressive, inclusive, humane society that’s truly sustainable, we must rethink our priorities, slaughter a few sacred cows, redesign our social institutions and build or rebuild everything we’ll need to make it so. The sooner we get started the lower the costs will be—and the easier the task.