Friday, January 29, 2010

Winding Down the Coup-Coup Clock

There will never, ever be any positive changes to anything that matters to individual citizens until corporations are reined in and brought under strict government control. Despite the recent Supreme Court Ruling that gives corporations (including foreign corporations) the right to spend virtually unlimited amounts of money to influence elections and legislation under the guise of freedom of speech, under no circumstances must corporations be allowed to wield unrestrained and unlimited purchasing power to engineer a takeover of the government.

To say that ours is a nation in crisis only addresses the visible tip of the iceberg; it’s much more accurate to say that ours is a nation in crises. That’s right, many crises. An overpopulation crisis. An environmental crisis. A climate change crisis. A food-and-water resource crisis. An energy crisis. A crumbling national infrastructure crisis. A healthcare crisis. An education crisis. An economic crisis. If you must crowd all of these crises under the same umbrella, call it a sustainability crisis. Nothing about our current state of affairs is sustainable.

Everywhere you look, things are going wrong, and it’s incredibly na├»ve to think that corporations will do anything to alleviate these crises, or to act in ways that will help avert future crises. A corporation’s only goal is to make profits; it cares not a whit about common interests or about the commonwealth. Giving corporations unfettered control over the government will only guarantee more of what we’ve already got, and from there things just get worse.

For more than 120 years corporations have aspired (and probably conspired) to effect a coup by which to seize control of the government. Last week, the SCOTUS made every corporation’s fondest dream come true. Now it’s time to push back, to thwart this coup, to stop this nonsense, to put an end to the insanity that threatens to overwhelm us all. It’s time to change the national mindset, to collectively agree to make the changes that must be made if humans are to evolve, to thrive, and to endure as a species.

And, yes, time is of the essence.

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