Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Real Republican Agenda

Why is stupidity so firmly entrenched in the Republican mindset? Like their claim that tax cuts for the wealthy will create jobs, for instance. Or that looting the Social Security trust fund is a financially sound idea, or that defunding public education will somehow magically produce smarter students.

Either Republicans are as brain-dead as they appear to be, or the Republican agenda is very much different than what Republicans claim. Wall Street gazillionaires and their GOP underlings are thumbing their noses at working-class Americans (the people who built this country), and they seem to be saying, “We’ve got ours and most of yours, and we’re gonna get the rest of yours, so fuck you.”


  1. And it's working very well for them, you notice.

    And still no real reaction from the obvious victims.

    I'm guessing that that third rail is no longer electrified.

    Or Murdoch's boys must have totally anesthetized the population.

    Bye bye Miss American Social Security.

    Thanks, sweetie!


  2. Just because I'm that kind of paranoid...I suspect the problem is twofold..

    The 'smart' Republicans (I use that term advisedly) prefer to keep the general populace in a state of ignorance by bombarding them with irrelevant disinformation. And they prefer their electorate to be stupid - if not stupified - simply because it raises fewer questions, impeachments, disclosures etc...

    What upsets me the most is how few - apart from yourself and a few others, of course! - take the time and trouble to expose them, or that so few even seem to care.

    And that IS...disheartening!

  3. Suzan, sheep will be sheep, and the sheep have been properly subdued.

    Tarleisio, you can use the term advisedly, or as an oxymoron (my preference), but one thing we can agree on is that "smart" is not the proper adjective to describe a Republican.

    To both of you, my apologies for the delayed response to your comments; two hours after I posted The Real Republican Agenda, my Internet connection went away, and I didn't get it back until today. Expect my next blog post to explain to Qwest Communications how retarded their business model is.

  4. Hey, BDR. Yeah, I'm sort of okay, if being long on ambition, longer still on commitments, and short on time can be said to be okay. I started a massive proofreading/editing project for Tarleisio (who posts above), a budding novelist, a couple of months ago; my efforts on her behalf convinced me that I should also be writing stories of my own. So, there's that, and the need for a complete Website makeover that I've threatened to do for the past three years, a couple of book reviews I need to write, plus ongoing research for a planned series of blog posts about . . .. What, you didn't think I was going to give it away, did you? Things should return to normal, soon. Or not. (Uncertainty makes life interesting, doesn't it?)

    Anyway, thanks for asking; that was way cool and a seriously considerate thing to do.